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Do you know someone or have patients with an airway disorder?

Do you know someone or have patients with an airway disorder? I do, and I am sure many of you do as well.

Michelle and I had the opportunity to attend the Airway Advocate Workshop in Johns Island, SC, in 2019, presented by Julia Worrall that focused on the airway’s importance and its relationship to dental and overall health.

The quality and quantity of oxygen intake can be affected by many internal and external factors. Both patients and dental practitioners often overlook airway obstruction. Signs of airway concerns include the scalloped tongue, elongated face, dark under-eye circles, behavioral issues, narrowing of the palate, bruxism, and crowding.

Continuing to educate yourself on the importance of having an open airway and its relationship to overall health is an area that should be considered. Understanding how to identify the signs of airway complications can improve patient care and the patient’s quality of life.

What do you recommend to your patients once the condition is identified? Are there specific products or techniques you recommend?

Many other episodes discuss airway, such as the Get a Gasp podcast on the Dental Podcast Network and the episodes on the A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast: 108, 112, 154, 171, 207, 239.

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