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Paradise Dental Technologies has been a sponsor for the “A Tale of Two Hygienists” podcast since the beginning and their loyalty has been greatly appreciated. I had the privilege of meeting Linda Miller, the CEO of PDT, for dinner in Chicago, Illinois earlier this year with other colleagues before the COVID shutdown. She is a caring, innovative woman that started her dream of designing and developing instruments out of her garage about 20 years ago. Her goal was to provide new technologies for dental practitioners, having an effective sharpening system, as well as having the ability to give back to communities on a local, national, and global level.

PDT has a variety of instruments to assist you with diagnostic appointments, periodontal cleanings, and implant maintenance, as well as endodontic and restorative procedures.

  • Heard of the “Montana Jack”? It’s a thin sickle scaler that is perfect for universal adaptation.

  • What about the Queen of Hearts? This universal curette has the ability to reach furcations and difficult to access concavities.

  • Does your patient have crowded, rotated, or lingually verted teeth? The Jack B. Nimble scaler would be perfect for these areas. It’s a small, contra-angled scaler with a continuous curved blade.

  • Did you know that PDT will donate $1 for every purchase to the American Heart Association?

PDT’s versatile R900 Wingrove Go-To Set was designed by Susan Wingrove who is an international speaker and author.

Check out episode 21 where Susan discusses implant maintenance and therapy; episode 162 where she discusses the new periodontal classifications.

Thank you to PDT for sponsoring all of AToTH’s CE episodes.

To learn more about Linda Miller, listen to episode 43 where she discusses products and implant maintenance, and episode 102: Nicaragua 2017.

To learn more about Paradise Technologies, visit

To learn more about Susan Wingrove, visit her website at

Episode 21: Susan Wingrove, RDH

Episode 43: Linda Miller and Christie Bailey from PDT

Episode 102: Nicaragua 2017 with Michelle, Daniel, Linda, and Emily!

Episode 162: A Quick Look at the New Periodontal Classification w/ Susan Wingrove, RDH

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